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The Seven Stages of Initiation


1. Sensory deprivation - In our busy and bombarding modern world, we are often overwhelmed by stimuli. From advertising, noise pollution, processed food to blue-light radiation from computer devices, we are exposed to a whole host of information and sensory input that would be very alien to our ancestors. Even 50 years ago we didn’t have the internet and most of us didn’t suffer with computer screen fatigue and adrenal burn out. Nervous conditions are on the rise as stimulating tech devices develop exponentially. Divine inspiration comes from time with the self and nature and our time with self and nature is becoming increasingly rare for most. The first stage of our initiation workshop aim to give participants a taste of pure sensory deprivation. When the eyes are deprived of light, what images to we concur from within?

2. Activation of imagination - The root of our diminishing imaginative powers has much to do with our constant stimulation from flat screen technology, imagination is generated by looking inward and observing a forward motion into our own psyche. We might demonstrate this by the experience we have when we press the palms of our hands into our eyes sockets and travel through a tube of stars. This used to be an innate ability but the visioning into darkness is a practice that has been somewhat lost. We experience this kind of active imagination as we drift off into sleep and go through the state known as hypnagogia, we travel forward into the dream realm, or downwards, like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. If we can maintain a grip on this conscious thread we can find ourselves in a fully conscious dream and in doing so we can become aware of our full creative and generative powers.

3. Subtle sensory awareness - As we are increasingly head and intellect orientated - often our contact with our body atrophies. Awakening an awareness of the subtle sensations possible with increased body awareness, moving attention and focus around and over the body can increase your sense of presence. Ancient Egyptians believed that the heart is the seat of wisdom and spirit, during the mummification process the heart was carefully preserved, wrapped and replaced inside the body of the deceased whereas the brain was dissolved and discarded and the other organs were preserved in jars. If we think of ourselves as emanating from the heart, how different do we feel, can we choose where our consciousness resides? Meditating using body scanning techniques, can enable our participants to feel their awareness travelling up and down their body, breaking down energy blockages and experiencing their physical form as a vibrational nexus.

4. Transcendence - What we find in this meditative state is that we can access at times an eternal or timeless state, between our breaths, we become aware of the limitlessness of our consciousness and we experience a state of bliss.

5. Symbolic death - In those experiences where we lose everything, where we lie down and prepare to die - we release ego and attachment and we melt into The All, the collective unconscious from which we all arise and return. Our participants can take a moment to lose themselves, to lie down and die, to release their attachment and make peace with the world. Every meeting sun represents a ‘westing’, every rising sun represents a rebirth.

6. Spiritual rebirth - How do we wake up and prepare to start our life all over again. As the Mystery School of Ancient Greece attested one must die before they can live. We reawaken our senses and we prepare to begin the journey of life with more presence and conviction, we have faced our shadow and we have accepted our shortcomings, in the cold light of reality, how do we move forward in to this second chance at life.

7. Integration - For transcendent experiences to be really useful, they must mesh with our every day reality and help us to become better, happier versions of ourselves. Their richness and otherworldliness must help us appreciate the beauty in our companions and natural environment and not give us a craving to escape reality into these other fantastical realms, they should illuminate the beauty from within. Here we can set intentions for moving forward with life and enriching our experiences.

This Mystery School Initiation Workshop will give a first-hand experience of the seven stages of initiation and an exploration of the respective benefits of these processes and their consciousness elevating properties.

This seven stage initiation process is a simple and concise demonstration of the power of certain conscious activities and practices. Participants will take away exercises that they can practice at home. Participants will also become part of a community of initiates who can share experiences and grow together.

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